Τουρμπίνα - έλικα, αεροσκάφους

The only certified examination
centre in Northern Greece with
quarterly scheduled exams


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Examinations with the reliability of AVENG

AVENG is a recognized aviation engineering examination centre for all the examinations and certifications an aviation engineer needs during his career. With more exam dates over time, we offer flexibility and options to those who wish to be examined, even if they have not attended our school.

Τουρμπίνα-έλικας αεροπλάνου

Regular exam dates

AVENG is the only school of aircraft engineering in Northern Greece that offers regular examinations every three months, four times a year, understanding the need of our students to start their careers as early as possible and the experienced professional aircraft engineers to evolve. Examinations are carried out electronically in the form of multiple choice questions in addition to modules 07Α, 09Α and 10 where written essays are also necessary.


One step exams registration process

Fill out the form and select the courses you want to examine. Follow the procedure for filing the examinations fees and within 48 hours you will receive all the information about attendance time, exams duration, the necessary documents that you must have together, date of announcement of results and certification of participation.


Supportive teaching for better results

AVENG offers supportive teaching (tutorials) to anyone who wishes to improve their knowledge and get even better results in their exams, even if they are not studying at our school. Courses are available for all parts modules of Part - 66. At the same time, we offer English lessons, as all AVENG courses are in English, the international language of aviation. English courses include aircraft engineering terminology courses.