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Specialize in specific types of aircraft, become sought after in the aviation industry and gain in fame and income. Add type rating to your License with the help of AVENG. Specialize in Airbus planes, the most reliable and popular passenger planes in the world. AVENG ensures that the entire educational process, theoretical and practical, will take place in Thessaloniki!


A320 (CFM56 and/or v2500)

A320 (CFM56 and/or v2500) Β1/Β2 Theoretical and Practical Course.


A type rating goes beyond fundamental training into training on a specific type of aircraft, its engines, its systems and other specialisms.

The aim of this course is to obtain a corresponding type rating for the respective license level and to provide licensed engineers with detailed practical knowledge about Description/Operation, Component Location, Removal/Installation and BITE and Troubleshooting procedures at maintenance manual level.

It requires successful completion of the elementary training and enables aircraft engineers to release the aircraft for maintenance work that has been performed on a component or the aircraft.

In order to complete type training course you will have to gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience related to the determined type of aircraft. The training material for the theoretical and practical sessions are in compliance with COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 1321/2014 and its respective Annexes and Appendices.

Attendance of 90% is mandatory for the completion of the course as well as 75% mark on the examination.

Maximum number of students allowed per theoretical classroom is 28. Maximum number of students allowed per practical classroom is 15.




Theoretical Training Duration 35 days
Practical Training Duration 10 days
Language English
Exam / Assessment Yes

Theoretical: Upon request
Practical:     Upon request